Abalone Mushroom, Pleurotus Cystidiosus Gourmet Mushroom



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(1) Sterile 12 ml syringe with locking cap, filled with fresh Pleurotus Cystidiosus myceloum. 

(1) Mylar syringe sleeve for long-term storage.

(2) Alcohol pads.

(1) 16-gauge needle.

(1) Cold / Warm Weather insert (depending on shipping location and time of year)

(1) Free 20-gram sample pack of my mushroom nutrient broth premix.

A $15 value, make 1 liter of your own lab-quality mushroom liquid culture.


Abalone MushroomPleurotus cystidiosus

Abalone Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe cc culture syringe

Abalone Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe cc culture syringe

The Abalone mushroom, scientific name Pleurotus cystidiosus, is also known as the White Elf, King mushroom and the Akuratake mushroom. It is an oyster mushroom variety that requires special growing conditions to meet its nutritional needs. Unlike green plants, mushrooms are void of chlorophyl, thus they need outside sources of food. These food sources are plant material known as “substrates”. Substrates vary from wood logs, several types of straws and other types of organic plant waste materials. Tiny threads spread from the mushrooms fruiting body and feed on substrates, collecting nutrients necessary for growth and survival, at the expense of the plant material.

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