Acadian Coast ACC cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Acadian CoastACC Magic Mushroom
Acadian Coast Cubensis also known as the “Acadian strain”, or the “Acadian magic mushroom” is said to be affiliated with a relatively rare strain of Psilocybe cubensis.The Acadian Coast mushroom, as its name suggests, grows naturally on the Acadian east coast of North America. It is a rather rare strain that is easily distinguishable by its vibrant orangish-red caps and sturdy cubensis stature.The Acadian story begins with the people of the Vendée region of western France, later known as the Cajuns people. We don’t know if the Acadian strain was a part of the local ancestral diet, but we can imagine a few accidental ingestions bringing some euphoria into everyday life. After all, it is most probable that foragers were tempted by the Acadian Coast mushrooms‘ vibrant reddish caps.Located between Newfoundland to southern Louisiana, the Acadian Coast is used by historians to refer to the section of Louisiana, along the Mississippi river, that was settled by exiled Acadians in 1764.It has a long history of war fares involving the English and many others. This makes us wonder if the numerous ships packed with domesticated animals, and people arriving from all parts of the world back in the 16th century could have brought some Acadian Coast mushroom spores along their way.Known as Nova Scotia today (Latin for New Scotland), the Acadian magic mushroom grows in a mid-temperate zone. Although Nova Scotia is almost surrounded by water, its climate is more continental rather than maritime.The very wet summers and fertile soil are probably attributes that helped the Acadian strain maintain a performative fitness, and a prolonged presence on the coast.The Acadian Coast mushroom is known to be an aggressive colonizer and a generous fruiter with an extremely rhizomorphic mycelium.Because the Acadian mushroom has an ease of growth and resistant nature, it makes it a great candidate for beginner growers. With no doubt, the unique terrain and temperature variations made the Acadian magic mushroom an adaptive, and resistant strain.Like other psychoactive mushrooms of its genus, the Acadian Coast cubensis is believed to be a smooth operator nurturing enhanced senses upon consumption.Rarely found in the wild, its in-vitro grown version is just as appreciated. If you are looking for similar warm trippy vibes, have a look at Argentina Strain and Psilocybe Allenii.Surely, the Acadian Coast cubensis is as generous as its flushes and as vibrant as its red cap when it comes to altering our minds. Let the coastal mood get to you, meet the Acadian mushrooms’ groovy vib

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