Golden Teacher cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom
Golden Teacher mushrooms are one of many psilocybe cubensis strains. This psilocybin spore syringe strain gets its name from the golden color of the mushroom caps when mature. They have spores that are darker in color. Golden Teacher mushrooms are distinguished by their long, winding stems and broad golden caps. Golden Teachers have a low level of power.Most people will agree that this is an excellent strain for a beginner to start their microscopy work with. The Golden Teacher psilocybe cubensis strain is one of the most popular researched mushroom spore strains in the world.Classification: HallucinogenicCultivation Difficulty: EasySubstrates: Equine dung and Enriched soilsTemperature: SubtropicalStrain Origin: UnknownDescription: First appearing in the 1980s, the golden teacher cubensis is highly sought mushroom strain by researchers due to its reliability, the exact origin of the golden teacher strain is not known, though it is believed to be discovered on a farm in Georgia. In nature, the first flush of golden teacher will produce medium-sized mushrooms and in later flushes, the mushroom caps might grow very large. It’s a very robust mushroom with big, massive stems. These mushrooms have gills which vary from whitish to purple-brown.Novice and Expert alike agree that Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are a solid and consistent choice for exploration in psychedelics. Large Golden Teacher magic mushrooms provide equal potency as other strains. Heavy and firm, there is an innate feeling of strength, security and trust when in hand.

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