Rosa’s Magic Mushroom

Rosa’s Magic Mushroom
Origin of strain: Campina da Lagoa – PR (Rosa’s site)-Brazil Edibility: Hallucinogen moderate to high power Temperature Colonization / Fruiting: 27-29 ° C / 24 to 26.5 ° C Habitat: Dung of cattle Cap: color clay as he grows in maturity gets a cream color. Stem: Tall, very tall for thinner Substrate: Dung, cakes and beans. This specimen was collected by Pitt (TEO / CM) in March 2010, which was isolated on potato dextrose agar and then inoculated into cakes. In nature it is low hat with large, 3 medium mushrooms this strain yields a good trip, I consider it a mushroom moderate to high power, a striking feature is that it causes lots of laughter and hallucinations are very real to the point that you do not know what is real. Rosa’s name is in honor of the deceased owner of the site.

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