Orissa India Magic Mushroom

Orissa India Magic Mushroom
All the way from India, an EXTREMELY large growing cubensis that spawned from elephant dung has blessed us all. This strain of cubensis has to be one of the largest growing anyone has seen. Originally brought to us my entheomycologist John Allen, once again a big thanks John, this one really rocks the boat. Ever seen dinner plate sized mushrooms? Even on simple rice cakes in Amsterdam this one grows some rather large mushrooms. When you need to sum up the Orissa India cubensis in one word, its: “Huge”. Strength wise; we have received several reports of Orissa India mycelium winning from trychoderma contaminations when they are battling their real life stratego. Light color brown with numerous scales. The Orissa India is for beginners and advanced mycologists alike. The Orissa is a rare mushroom, the first specimens were collected by John Allen in the Bihar state of India, near the border of Nepal. Orissa dried mushrooms provide a clean, clear spiritual state of mind, great for all experiences and adventures. SKU: N/A Category: Mushrooms Tags: orissa india magic mushroom, orissa india magic mushroom amazon, orissa india magic mushroom bar, orissa india magic mushroom caps, orissa india magic mushroom chocolate, orissa india magic mushroom chocolate bar, orissa india magic mushroom delivery, orissa india magic mushroom dispensary, orissa india magic mushroom health benefits, orissa india magic mushroom in usa, orissa india magic mushroom locations, orissa india magic mushroom pokemon, orissa india magic mushroom price, orissa india mushroom Description Additional information Reviews (0) Orissa India Mushrooms. We Created a Guide to This Cubensis Strain & Tips on How to Grow Magic Mushrooms There are many types and varieties of magic mushrooms, and each type has its own growing tips and possible effects. If you’re interested in learning more about Orissa India mushrooms, keep reading! When most people think of mushrooms, they think of the kind that grow in the ground and are used in cooking. However, there is another type of mushroom that is becoming increasingly popular – magic mushrooms. Today we will talk about a certain type of these fungi – Orissa India mushrooms. Orissa India Mushrooms – Magic Mushroom Characteristics Contents 1 Orissa India Mushrooms – Magic Mushroom Characteristics 1.1 Orissa India Mushrooms – Appearance 2 How to Grow Orissa India Mushrooms. Spores and Grow Kits Orissa India mushrooms are a cultivated variety of Psilocybe cubensis, one of the most well-known psychedelic mushroom in the world. Orissa is, in fact, an Indian species that applies to a wild form that was originally collected from the forest. It flourishes best when cultivated in elephant dung and can produce giant mushrooms. John Allen was the first to discover and collect them. Orissa India Mushrooms – Appearance The caps of Orissa India mushrooms are typically golden brown or yellowish-brown. The gills of this mushroom are brown, and it typically grows in humid areas. The stem is usually white and long. The most significant attribute of this variety is their extremely large fruit bodies, much larger than other Cubensis strains and other magic mushroom species. They can grow even to a size of a plate! How to Grow Orissa India Mushrooms. Spores and Grow Kits To grow magic mushrooms, you’ll need a few things: Orissa India magic mushroom spores – you can purchase spores or grow kits online or from a trusted source. Be sure to check the legality of purchasing and cultivating spores in your area before doing so. Substrate – this is what the mushrooms will grow on. Common substrates include manure, straw, and coco coir. Tub or container – this is where you’ll grow your mushrooms. Be sure to choose a container that has good drainage and is big enough.

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