3 Pack 24K Gold Infused, Light Malt Extract (LME) Agar Plates with 4 secret ingredients!



Potato Dextrose Agar Plates with Activated Charcoal, Soy Peptone, 24K Gold Flakes and 2 secret ingredients! Grow Mycelium 3X’s faster with our patent-pending special blend.

Your 3-pack agar petri dish grow kit contains:

(3) 90 x 15mm Pre-poured Petri dishes LME, Light Malt Extract Agar Plates with 4 secret ingredients!) with activated charcoal, 24K Gold Flakes, soy & bone peptone, and 4 special ingredients.  Dishes are heat shrink-wrapped after the 45-minute sterilization process.

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(6 Alcohol Pads)


Don’t risk it, always test your liquid culture or spore syringe on agar first…always!  

Easy to use pre-poured activated charcoal Light Malt Extract (LME) for the detection of yeasts, molds, and another fungus. NO pouring your own plates, which is time-consuming. Your plates will arrive in excellent condition, or we will replace them no questions asked. This is a great science kit to learn microbiology and great for laboratory use. These plates are excellent for mushroom cultivation. Each plate is coated with a thick layer of agar perfect for fungal growth! See improved performance compared to other products. The thick agar surface prevents cracking and drying of the plates as seen with other kits.  

1. Unopened plates can be refrigerated or stored at room temperature. 

2. If refrigerated, take out the LME agar plates  with activated charcoal agar plates (LME-Activated Charcoal Petri dishes) and let them warm up to room temperature for about 30min to 1hr. 

3. Add samples to the plates. 

4. Close the lid and turn the plate upside down so that the lid is on the bottom and agar is on the top. 

5. Incubate plates at about 65-77ï¾°F and keep a thermometer nearby to monitor the temperature. 

6. Fungal colonies should be visible in several days. Thanks so much for considering our business and our product!

  • 3 LME ACTIVATED CHARCOAL PLATES: These high-quality prepared potato dextrose agar plates are made with activated charcoal for superior yeast, mold, and fungus growth.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO VISUALIZE CULTURES: The black agar surface really makes fungal cultures stand out. This set is great for science projects because it is easy to see the intricate details of your culture experiments.
  • DIY MOLD DETECTION & IS GREAT FOR MUSHROOMS! If you are worried about mold indoors, you can take samples and add them to these plates to test for molds. These plates are also excellent for mushroom cultivation.
  • GREAT FOR SCIENCE PROJECTS: Most students use standard nutrient agar dishes for their science projects. Why not try something else with amazing results?
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We try to give the best customer support possible. If you have any questions, we reply to messages ASAP. If you have any concerns about your agar plates, we will replace them free of charge no questions asked.

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