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Wholesale prices, lab-quality spores since 2005

Over 200 psilocybe cubensis strains in stock!


This is our happy version of our gourmet mushroom site,, and as our URL implies, we sell Golden Teacher mushroom spores, spore swabs, and spore prints along with over 100 other cubensis strains.  We have been in business since 2005 and although we grow over 100 gourmet stains in our Florida-based lab/farm, we source all our psychedelic and cubensis spores from two well established distributors based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We pride ourselves on always providing high-quality, contaminate-free spore syringes, spore swabs, and spore prints. We strive to offer the cleanest, and the most sought after Psilocybin Mushroom Spores on the market. We are constantly adding the newest varieties to our collection of Magic Mushroom Spores.

All our products are produced in our clean room, in front of a laminar flow hood, and in full PPE. We use high-quality materials in all our products and every order is sealed in a discrete, tamperproof holographic mylar container (see products photos). Our spore syringes, swabs, and prints are no older than 60 days and are close to contaminate-free as we can make them. No compony can claim 100% contamination free, especially when dealing with spores, however with almost two decades of experience, we now come pretty close.

The selling/trading of psychedelic mushroom spores is legal in most states and countries around the world…but if you’re unsure of the legality of purchasing from us, see this page first. It’s your responsibility to know the laws in your area and as always, all our spore products are for research purposes only.

We have the lowest prices anywhere!

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