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White Rabbit Magic Mushroom
White Rabbit is a strain as potent as it is beautiful, which is to say, incredibly. You’ll have vivid hallucinations, pure euphoria, and deep spirituality with these incredible magic mushrooms.Dosage RecommendationsMild Experience: 0.75 Grams to 1.25 GramsMedium Experience 1.5 Grams to 2.5 GramsIntense Experience 2.5 Grams to 5 Grams White Rabbit ? — A Highly-Potent Psilocybe Cubensis StrainReady to take a leap down the rabbit hole? ? What better strain than the White Rabbit itself. Connor McElroyLast Updated: July 12, 2022PrintThe White Rabbit (WR) mushroom is an albino Psilocybe strain that’s the result of the hybridization of Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick. The two “mother strains” of White Rabbit are world-renowned for their incredible psilocybin levels. These psychedelic genetics have been passed down to the White Rabbit strain, and some consider it to be one of the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strains on the planet.So, is White Rabbit a rival to the famous and highly potent Penis Envy strain?Let’s find out.In this article, we’ll be exploring this strain and going in-depth into its development, history, and genetics. We’ll also provide insight into where you can find White Rabbit Spores and how to cultivate them.What Are White Rabbit Shrooms?White Rabbit is a highly-potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis. This is an albino strain that’s not only highly psychoactive but also relatively easy to cultivate.The White Rabbit strain was developed by a group of Dutch cultivators in Holland. These guys created the hybrid by combining the genetics of Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick. Albino Penis Envy is a non-pigmented version of the original Penis Envy. Penis Envy is regarded as one of the strongest Psilocybin mushrooms ever cultivated. Moby Dick is another albino strain that was the result of crossing Albino A+ and Golden Teacher — two strains that have decent psilocybin levels and are easy to cultivate. Combining Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick has resulted in a leucistic (low-pigmented when grown in low-light conditions) mushroom that’s both highly potent and relatively easy to cultivate. Although this strain is “easily grown,” it’s best for people with a bit of mushroom growing experience. The White Rabbit strain is particularly new, but it’s becoming all the more popular due to these attributes. This mushroom can be identified by its large white cap and stem. In most cases, the mushroom is completely white. However, it’s not strictly an albino variety because pigmentation can still occur when the fruiting bodies are exposed to light during growth.White Rabbit Specs:Potency Very PotentCultivation IntermediateSpecies Psilocybe cubensisSubstrate Recommendation Rye GrainCost $$Sold By Sporeslab, Spores 101Strains vs. Species: What’s The Difference?When we talk about mushroom strains, we’re not talking about mushroom species. There’s a big difference between the two.A species is a biological family of organisms within a single kingdom, and a strain is a genetic variant of a species that produces noticeable differences in characteristics. To make this slightly easier to comprehend, here’s an example:Plantae (plant life) is one of the six kingdoms. Under the Plantae kingdom, you have several different species, for example, Acer palmatum (Japanese maple). Under the Acer palmatum species exists a variety of strains — Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood,’ Acer palmatum ‘Crimson Queen,’ Acer palmatum ‘Red Dragon.’We can go deeper into this again with the addition of Genus. Genus comes above species but below kingdom. Genus is essentially the family group of the species. So, using our example above, Acer is the genus, Acer palmatum is a species from this genus, and Acer palmatum ‘Red Dragon’ is a strain (genetic variant) of the species. Strains are present throughout the six kingdoms, but they’re more prominent in the Plantae and Fungi kingdoms. Humans are one of the main reasons that so many strains exist in these kingdoms. Humans have created different genetic variants of species that we regularly use and benefit from. You’ll find several different strains in the plants and fungi we use for food, medicine, and recreation. This is extremely apparent in ‘mind-altering’ species such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms.As with Acer palmatum, there are hundreds of different Psilocybe cubensis strains — White Rabbit being one of them. Each strain is differentiated by distinct alterations in chemical make-up (psilocin & psilocybin levels) as well as physical attributes (pigmentation, shape, size, fruiting times, etc.).Likewise, there are over a hundred distinct species of psychoactive mushrooms beyond just Psilocybe cubensis.The Limited History of the White Rabbit StrainThe White Rabbit mushroom strain is a newcomer to the scene. Not much is known about its history, but we do have some information.We know for sure that this strain was developed somewhere in Holland, Europe. Supposedly, a group of students of mycology cultivated this strain deliberately to combine the desirable qualities and effects of the Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick strains.This strain was named White Rabbit, as the trip that this mushroom takes you on is incredibly visual yet introspective. After consuming the White Rabbit mushroom, you’re said to jump deeper into the “rabbit hole” in search of inner awareness. Although this strain is becoming immensely popular among experienced psychedelic enthusiasts, it doesn’t have much in terms of history. Its background is rather blurry, but the experience you receive after consumption is meant to be quite the opposite — thanks to its high levels of psilocybin.White Rabbit Potency & Psilocybin ContentThanks to the genetic heritage of the White Rabbit strain, these mushrooms are highly potent. They have impressive psilocybin levels and could well challenge strains such as Penis Envy and Tidal Wave in terms of trip intensity. It’s important to note that the psilocybin levels of any mushroom (regardless of how “potent” it is) will vary depending on how it’s grown. Although not an exact figure, when grown in the correct conditions, you could expect White Rabbit mushroom to have psilocybin levels as high as 1.60. Due to how new this strain is, it has not yet been submitted to the annual Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup. However, Albino Penis Envy (one of the mother strains responsible for White Rabbit’s potency) came fourth in the 2021 cup for its astoundingly high psilocybin levels. Dr. Greythumb grew the mushroom that had great success in the cup. This grower’s sample produced a PCB (Psilocybin) range of 1.73, which is impressively high. Several other Albino Penis Envy samples were submitted by a variety of different growers with PCB levels ranging from 1.13 to 1.55.Although these stats don’t quite tell us the exact potency of the White Rabbit strain, they do give us an insight into the potential of the mushroom if it’s grown under the correct conditions. White Rabbit Variations & Genetic RelativesWhite Rabbit hasn’t been around for a particularly long time; therefore, it has few variations, and there are no new strains that include its specific genetics. However, with its mother strains being Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick, the White Rabbit Strain has plenty of genetic relatives. The parents of the Moby Dick strain are Albino A+, Golden Teacher, and Albino Penis Envy is a derivative of the original Penis Envy Shroom — this makes them the so-called “grandparents” of White Rabbit. Where to Buy White Rabbit Spores White Rabbit spores are less common than more prominent strains with more history, such as Penis Envy and Golden Teacher. However, it’s not impossible to find WR spores, and there are a few vendors that stock them in the United States, Canada, and Europe.If you’re in the United States, you’ll find White Rabbit Spores at Spores 101. This vendor’s stock levels may vary with rarer strains, so you might have to send them an email for information on stock.Sporeslab is a fantastic vendor to purchase White Rabbit spores from if you’re based in Canada. Because this strain is quite rare, stock levels can vary.Unfortunately, the White Rabbit Strain is hard to come by in Europe. Your best chance of tracking this rare strain down is to check out Tatanka — a spore vendor based in Holland. They do occasionally get White Rabbit Spores and other exotic strains in stock.How to Grow White Rabbit MushroomsWhite Rabbit mushrooms are relatively easy to grow. They certainly aren’t as fool-proof as strains such as Golden Teacher, but for a high-potency albino psilocybe strain, they’re pretty forgiving.If you’re new to mushroom growing, I wouldn’t recommend starting with White Rabbit or any albino strain for that matter. White Rabbit is more prone to aborts than other strains of Psilocybe cubensis, and successfully producing multiple flushes can be problematic due to contamination aspects. That being said, if you’ve got some experience and can produce mushrooms in a sterile environment, they shouldn’t cause you too many issues.White Rabbit can be grown in the same way as most other psilocybe strains, but you will need to take more care to keep the growing environment sterile and controlled. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to grow magic mushrooms for a detailed breakdown of the process.Rye grain is the most productive and easiest substrate to use in the cultivation of the White Rabbit strain, but many people have had good success with manure and enriched soils as well.Although White Rabbit is considered an albino strain, it will pigment if exposed to light during fruiting. If you want to produce completely unpigmented mushrooms, we recommend placing the fruiting container in complete darkness when the first heads start to appear.Other Potent Albino Magic Mushroom StrainsWhite Rabbit is an albino mushroom strain. This relatively new Psilocybe cubensis strain is as beautiful as it is potent, but it isn’t the only low-pigmented strain that can produce high psilocybin levels.If you’re curious about other highly potent albino magic mushrooms, here are some to look into:1. True Albino TeacherTrue Albino Teacher (TAT) is an albino variant of the Golden Teacher strain. It has the same qualities as the classic Golden Teacher but is ghostly white in appearance. This strain has average psilocybin levels but is one of the easiest albino strains for beginners to grow.2. Albino Treasure CoastAlbino Treasure Coast (ATC) is a genetic mutation of the original Treasure Coast strain. This is a true albino strain that can produce incredible yields with multiple flushes of pure white fruiting bodies. This strain has average potency, but its high yields and mystical appearance make it an intriguing strain to grow. Unfortunately, spores are few and far between, and they can be hard to get hold of regardless of where you’re based.3. Mexican AlbinoMexican Albino (MA) is a non-pigmented variant of the original Mexican strain. This isn’t a true albino mushroom, but when grown in the right conditions, the spores will produce pale white mushrooms with the same shape and size as the classic Mexican psilocybin mushroom.Potency is above average, and yields can be plentiful. It’s a relatively easy strain to grow, and it’s the perfect option for the beginner that’s interested in growing a potent (nearly) albino strain.4. Albino Penis EnvyAlbino Penis Envy (APE) is a close relative to White Rabbit — one of the strains utilized in its creation. APE is the non-pigmented version of Penis Envy.Albino Penis Envy is just as potent as the original pigmented strain, but it’s much more prone to aborts. This makes it a poor choice for beginners but a rewarding mushroom to grow for experienced growers.5. Albino A+Albino A+ (AA+) is a genetic variant of the A+ strain. It has the same appearance as the original strain in shape and size, but it has a pale white appearance. However, this isn’t a true albino strain because the spores take on a dark purple or black appearance.6. Penis EnvyPenis Envy (PE) is a popular psilocybe mushroom that has been around for decades. Until recently, it was considered the strongest Psilocybe cubensis strain available. This strain gets its name from its phallic shape (small caps and thick stems).7. Albino Penis EnvyAlbino Penis Envy (APE) is a non-pigmented version of the original Penis Envy. It has a similar shape and psilocybin content to Penis Envy, but the lack of pigment in this mushroom gives it a white appearance.8. Moby DickMoby Dick (MD) is a cross between the two strains that follow in this list — Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. This is also an albino strain. It’s less potent than the APE but is much easier to grow.9. Albino A+Albino A+ (AA+) is an isolated genetic variant of the A+ strain. It’s not a true albino strain because the mushrooms take on a dark purple or black color, but the large fruiting bodies are mostly pale white in appearance. 10. Golden TeacherGolden Teacher (GT) is an extremely popular mushroom among beginners. This is because it’s extremely easy to grow. It doesn’t have incredibly high psilocybin levels, but yields are good, and potency is average. This mushroom has a classic dish-shaped head and light-brown pigmentation; it’s not an albino strain.Final Thoughts: White Rabbit MushroomsWhite Rabbit is a bizarre new strain that has some interesting traits. Not much is known about its history, but we do know that its spores produce highly-potent fruiting bodies that are pale white in color.This isn’t the easiest of strains to cultivate, but if you’ve got a few grows under your belt and are interested in producing a highly-potent albino strain, White Rabbit could be a good option. Due to how new and unique this Psilocybe cubensis strain is, spores can be hard to come by, but your efforts in obtaining these genetics will be greatly rewarded.

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