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AStrain Magic Mushroom
A-Strain (AKA the A+ strain) is a popular Psilocybe cubensis mushroom favored for its above-average potency. A-Strain produces tall mushrooms with white stems and pale yellow caps. You can also find an Albino variant of this strain (AA+).A-Strain is relatively easy to grow and can produce good yields when grown in favorable conditions. However, producing multiple healthy flushes can prove difficult due to contamination aspects. We’ll look at this mushroom’s qualities, history, and how to grow it effectively at home. Plus, find out why this strain is so popular and tips on where to find spores.What Are A-Strain Shrooms?A-Strain was originally developed by “Mr. G” — an infamous mushroom breeder and Shroomery contributor. It’s unclear where A-Strain originates from, but it’s a subtropical mushroom that thrives in warm, humid environments.A-Strain has several notable characteristics but is a pretty average-looking Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. The fruiting bodies are medium to large-sized with slim white stems and rounded golden caps that often develop warts throughout maturity. This gives them a particularly “mystical” look similar to Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) but without the intense red and white coloration.A-Strain is famous for its heavy spore production — both a benefit and a flaw for those looking to cultivate the mushroom. On the one hand, the heavy sporulation makes it extremely easy to gather spores for the future. On the other hand, one late harvest can ruin the opportunity for a larger yield through multiple flushes.When consumed, it produces good visuals and a strong feeling of euphoria. It’s also a reliable choice for people looking to microdose using psilocybin mushrooms. A-Strain Specs:Potency Above AverageCultivation Beginner or IntermediateSpecies Psilocybe cubensisSubstrate Recommendation Rye GrainCost $$Sold By Ralphsters Spores, Sporeworks, Spores 101History of the A-Strain MushroomThe specific origins of this strain are lost in time, and even after countless research, we’ve uncovered very little information. A+ was “developed” — or introduced to the western world — by “Mr. G,” but it’s unclear whether he discovered the strain or where exactly he found it. However, it clearly thrives in tropical to subtropical environments. Even with a blurry history, this is a fantastic strain for anyone wanting a mushroom of above-average potency that has the potential to produce good yields.A-Strain Potency & Psilocybin ContentA-Strain has high potency, with reported psilocybin levels between 0.60 and 0.90. Although this strain didn’t feature in the recent Psilocybin Cup, the albino variant did (Albino A+). A grower named “Blackstar Mycology” entered a sample of the AA+ strain into the 2021 Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup, and the strain produced a psilocybin reading of 0.77 and a grade of A. This puts the strain on the same level as other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, such as Golden Teacher, Treasure Coast, Malabar, and Blue Meanie. These numbers fluctuate depending on the conditions the mushrooms grow in (this goes for all strains). Mushrooms grown in perfect conditions will give a higher yield and potency. However, if the mushrooms experience issues during colonization and fruiting, psilocybin levels and yield can be greatly affected

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