Oak Ridge cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Oak Ridge Magic Mushroom
Oak Ridge magic mushrooms are known as aggressive colonizers, and easy to cultivate due to its resistance to contamination, this species was found growing near a nuclear power plant just outside of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The stems (stipes) are tall and slender, with orange-brown caps, which may become discoloured upon maturity even though sporulation is moderate. he first experience i had with Oak Ridge Cubensis spores was when they came in a vendors choice grab-bag. I remember thinking, ‘Hmm, sounds like a nursing home or something, like a hospital.’ I grew some out on agar even. Nothing spectacular. So the other print is in the drawer and I never thought more about it.After a year or so I was doing other research in a completely diff arena when the name Oak Ridge kept coming up. It was an MK Ultra psychiatric hospital in Canada. and then it clicked. I returned to the mushroom spores for a closer look at the name…A simple keyword search on Oak Ridge mushrooms pulls up the same bio mirrored on every page, sure some just copy and paste whatever everybody else has but the main reason is all the vendors are connected. Maybe there are a handful of agents behind the store fronts, or maybe its like 2 or 3, who cares. The point is whenever you see the same information mirrored on site after site it indicates the sites are all controlled by the same people giving the illusion of variety. It also means the results are being promoted, if not there are filters and algorithms to prevent results from being displayed just the same.While this is evidence of a much broader issue of Mk Ultra and the Counter Culture continuation and text book controlled opposition, especially with regards to all the new laws being changed in the name of treatment and the commercialization of psychedelic research, that is for another paper, this is a short thread. Commercial corporations are not subject to FOIA requests and are protected by business secrecy laws so they have picked up the torch in the contemporary MK Ultra research. Medical institutions like Johns Hopkins are now leading the field that was once controlled by alphabet gangs like the CIA.Take a look at the top donors list provided by MAPS themselves on last year’s financial statement. MAPS stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and is the umbrella org that all other research falls under. Its top funders include some of the biggest companies and names in the tech and bankster world. Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Open Society, Rockefeller family, Koch, Cohen, Google, Amazon, Tinman Fund, Northrup, Netflix, Adobe, Warner Bros, and Salesforce.org are some of the bigger names. Ask yourself why the fuck is netflix interested in psychedelic research? Sure as shit aint for your fuckin mental health I’ll tell ya that, these peoples only interest is to keep you so fucked up you cant tell they are fast tracking your own enslavement via false flag operations, an artificial reality. A false flag reality.The banksters have always been there pushing it. In the beginning it was JP Morgan and Gordon Wasson with the CIA, while today we can see from MAPS the top funders are wall street tycoons or family members thereof.The bio every vendor parrots is that a specimen was found in nature right down the street from the Y12 nuclear weapons facility, the place the A-bomb was developed to end the war. “They are known to produce some mutants!” lol. Ok, so, only a military intelligence jerk-off would write some dumbass shit like that.A little scrolling past all the vendors takes you to the go-to forum for mushroom cultivation. Now, if you’re not familiar with Shroomery its a project all to itself. Even a normie who cant even pronounce psilocybin could recognize the shadiness of the place. A whole community of people taking their experiences and questions to a platform dedicated to the home cultivator. These are all intel agents at the admin level who have helped direct and nurture the home cultivation of hallucinogenic mushrooms. It is not just monitored but is run by the fake gurus. Im not saying there are not the ignorant dupes that do not know they are participating in a military intelligence complex operation, or the common peasant being lead to believe they are doing the work of Gaia or some shit, the ‘Great Provider’ in jeets instance, not everyone is in on it. The inner circle of fake ass guru admins, absolutely are.The first article in the Shroomery files gives us a name for the guy that supposedly found and named Oak Ridge cubensis gen1, ‘jeetered’. Now we can narrow our search in the forum search bar.This currently-banned ‘jeetered’ profile sure was a prolific agent. He is one of the fake gurus that run the show there and has thousands of posts, how-to’s, known as ‘teks’. The Oak Ridge introduction post starts off with a few red flags right off the top. It appears this post marks the formal introduction of Oak Ridge Cubensis to the world. It confirms origins by handwriting comparisons and provides a link. broken of course but it was on the wayback machine… the very first generation of Oak Ridge Cubensis. The agents main take-away here is the legality, by sending a legal spore print to his buddy in a country where its legal to grow. So this connects jeetered to Amos, another Shroomery fake-guru agent.The first post opens up with concern about toxic radiation residue, bc it was found under a nuclear weapons plant right. It’s apparent this is part of the draw, the sales pitch, “growing some crazy toxic shrooms.’ It ends with another tell: “…or is this just a cube renamed to look more fancy” They put it right out there huh. Of course thats all it is and just the fact they bring it up supports this. The slogan ‘Its been known to grow some mutants’ is a direct quote from jeetered himself taken from his account finding them in the wild. It was all scripted just for the catchphrase.Poster 2 shows up and theres a brief discussion about bombs and radiation, as if just to confirm they even exist as science fact, then he has to throw in there some bullshit about viruses. Only an agent would bring up viruses for no reason out of the blue. This is a scripted intro. Viruses and radiation are both used as an omnipresent potential invisible threat, wouldn’t be surprised if they throw in some terrorist bullshit. Even if you think viruses and nukes are real you cannot deny that they are used to manipulate by fear.Jeetered says: “I found this strain growing wild, 5 miles west of Y12 nuclear weapons complex, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 USA, growing gregariously and singular in equine dung and surrounding enriched soils. Oak Ridge, TN 37830 USA, is where the atom bombs were built that “ended” world war II. “the secret city”Now we are getting somewhere. He leaves a link to a documentary on the Manhattan Project ‘Secret City’ that didn’t even appear on a map. It’s a cover story, promotes the official narrative while pretending to expose military secrets. The bombs aint real.Jeetered claims he lived in Oak Ridge for 29 years, and that his grandfather was directly involved with both little boy and fat man bombs and offers out free spore prints to anybody that wants them. Throws the band Alabama under the bus too by telling us they are from the invisible secret city as well.He responds to the comment from poster one about giving an old cube a fancy new name for marketing:“I can assure you I have no reason to do that, that would be shaming myself, and taking advantage of eric and ingrid, you not knowing, i can forgive that statement, but otherwise i’d find that very very offensive. The day I found those, was a very special day for me, and I knew right away that if I took a print, I could actually contribute to a huge community and spread a piece of my hometown around, and apparently It’s made it to AUSTRALIA!!! and i am very very humbled by that. My goal is to keep this a donated strain, and never commercial. I give absolutely no permission if it matters, to be sold by vendors. It’s free for all.“LOL, Sure buddy, not just ‘very’ but double very offended. Is that like Double Secret Probation?Mock outrage and insult to even insinuate basic critical thinking. Put it out on the table first so that a real person never even registers to take a close look. Thats what controlled opposition punks do. Nothing but a fake ass guru agent. I especially like the part he says he could never rename a cube bc it would be too easy to detect. Maybe cubes differ on a minute level but the average home cultivator and even moreso the experimenting noob will never know the difference, and if they found out who would they tell? Shroomery? Just go and make a post that claims one variety is really just a diff one with a new name. Yeah give that a try and see what happens. Have you looked at a full menu of spores lately? I’d wager most are the same damn thing, just exactly what they are telling you they do, rename old spores for commercial purposes.He is trying to personalize his mission. It is personal to some extent, I mean look Ill give him maybe that his dad worked for some section of an Oak Ridge somewhere, there were many. On the premise that these agents are generational intelligence spook families, they are born into it, I’m sure his father was connected somewhere. Certainly not in the context he gives you but the feeling behind wanting to pay tribute is genuine. He really is proud of his family’s work, which he himself is now a part of. His comments about wanting to leave the world a legacy from Oak Ridge are for reals. And also I mean why? Why else would you pick something so far removed from its cover unless there is some personal attachment. He is very persistent these are to be given away for free, even at his own shipping expense. He is pushing them.The rest of the post is like a long commercial for psychedelic drugs and pseudo-spirituality. Its like 12 pages, don’t have any inclination to go over the whole thing. Could be interesting though this guy is dropping all kinds of names, like Guzman and McKenna, more fake guru agents. Guzman is at the very beginning of the magic mushroom entering the mainstream and Mckenna worked for the Feds all along with the manufactured counter culture. Could be funny too, he speculates the spores blew up from the hurricane… We got all we need. A source for Oak Ridge gen 1, and its connection to the military intelligence community. Along the way we have outed a nest of agents at the Shroomery board is just a bonus.What first lead me to the real Oak Ridge was my research on the Canadian residential schools. Remember not long ago they were finding all the mass graves? One in particular was Kamloops, which involved a bunch of students that disappeared when Queen Elizabeth did a tour. This was back in the 60’s. Even back then it was a controversy and she was ultimately found guilty in international court for the ten missing children. It too made the cover of spook rag TIME mag. It is an interesting case and also would be fun to dissect but we are moving on.The CIA did alot of work in Canada during the MK-Ultra years, using the northern imaginary boundry line neighbor as a front. ‘Don’t shit in your own backyard’ mentality. The residential schools for Indigenous Peoples run by the state and by the catholic church were at the heart of the adrenochrome harvesting network. One of the more brutal facilities was the Oak Ridge Residential School. There was lsd and other delirium producing drugs, sensory deprivation, prolonged isolation for both punishment and treatment, torture… all the usual stuff.*See mass murderer patient/intel agent Victor Hoffman for another lead, also the lead doctors Elliott Barker and Gary Maier. The patients were running the hospital, this might seem counterproductive at first, but not when you consider they are not really patients at all, they are undercover agents, it starts making alot of sense.So when i found out about this place I thought this was it, this was the place being paid tribute for their services by naming a ‘new’ line of psychedelic mushrooms after the place. The humor being in the same name they are propping up one of the biggest scams of all time, i.e. the science fictional Manhattan project and nuclear weapons and the attacks on Hiro and Naga. In the Gen 1 post ‘jeetered’ mentions doing a mercury test on the soil to check for tams and there is much ado about safety and residual contambruhs that would be in the soil. Sure, dont we all carry mercury soil testing kits whenever we leave the house? Lemme tell ya, don’t get health advice from fake ass guru intelligence agents. the Y12 site was so fucked up from whatever the military was really doing there the place is labeled as a superfund site by the EPA for contaminated ground water. That makes it even more hilarious when Ol’ Jeetz recalls as a child playing in the creek behind his school which was closed. This would be like a little kid splashing around in battery acid. He’s seriously trying to downplay not only the threat level but of the environmental impact of the superfund site itself. Or maybe he is telling the truth and is mildly retarded from exposure, you know you never can tell if these fuckers are really retarded or not. I can believe they ate their body weight in paint chips.This was enough for me to personally be convince i was right, Oak Ridge cubensis mushrooms were a spook tribute to MKUltra perpetrated by intelligence agents posing as fake spiritual gurus on military website devoted to cultivation of mind controlling psychoactive drugs. Inside I intuited it was right but i knew it wasnt enough to draft up a report. Or so i thought…I wasn’t done finding though, the case is never closed. This connection between the name of the new shroom and the MKUltra facility was in the back of my mind for another year or so till I found another connection which prompted me to sketch the rough draft that you are reading now. The Oak Ridge human radiation experiments. Now I had two Oak Ridges, both of a similar nature having to do with torture and manipulation and lying, poor Jeetered and his field print fairy tale was looking smaller all the time.Even the normie outlets admit Oak Ridge hospital in Tennessee did commit secret experiments on people without their consent. Their narrative says one black man in a near fatal car accident was not expected to live so they shot him up full of plutonium, just to see what happened. Ebb Cade was admitted into the army hospital due to an auto accident with some broken legs. He was given the shots and had 15 teeth removed and sent to Los Alamos. The whitewashing cover-up leads you to believe the excretion levels are tracked through feces and urine but then why did the extract 15 of the man’s teeth and send them into the lab? Why didn’t the Investigations Committee ask why? How was it helpful to pull his teeth when he was being treated for broken legs?This is not an isolated incident either, as it turns out there is a national network named, you got it, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. They did human radiations on people all over the country. Oak Ridge wasn’t just about a single facility, or even a secret city. It is an national project. 18 people (aces and eights) from around the country were injected with 4.7 micro grams of plutonium to determine excretion rate among workers is the primary cause given by the cover-up agency. 47 is a number marker used frequently by intelligence agencies. the CIA was formed in 1947. The Atomic Energy Commission was about this same time, they funded all the HREOther locations for the ORNL are the General Hospital in Boston, Chicago, Los Alamos, and Hartford, WA. Boston and New England in general has been ground zero for spook operations since the beginning, since before the cryptojew Quaker pilgrim invasion landed in Massachusetts hundreds of years ago this has been a command central. Chicago is its mid-west cousin (check Elgin state hospital for leads) The timing and lo tion of Boston would suggest they were also involved in the birth control experiments being done around the same time. Dr John Rock ran Bostons General Hospital and Dr Greg Pincus was performing work for MK Ultra and the birth control pill at the same time and location. The Atomic Energy Commission funded tests on 11 (aces) victims using radiation at the same time private funding from the birth control eugenicists was experimenting with hormones, Dr. Rock would’ve been at the helm of both. In another paper I wrote I question why Rock is remembered so intently in the birth control pill development when he had really little to do with it outside of running the facility where the tests were being done, He was running multiple tests and the legacy is part of the reward.Pincus had a thing for balls. Now we can look at the Washington location for signs of experiments with birth control as well. One of the main functions of Hartford Washington was to check for relationship between fertility and irradiation. If it had to do with fertility and balls Pincus would’ve been there, He was looking at chemical castration, not radiation but oh yeah, he was there. ORNL was just another small arm of a massive experiment on the human population. Now with those connections and that thread if we take a look at another unethical experiment, the Tuskeegee Experiment, being done during the same time frame but focusing on mainly black men, the connection here would be Cades, who was said to have been chosen bc he was black and nobody would miss him… Its still loose but pieces are falling in place all the time. We’ll just leave that open for now.In 1995 there was a controlled release of massive amounts of information about questionable ethics regarding human experiments being done without consent during the Manhattan project and the cold war. Prez Clinton was responsible for the formation of the Advisory Committee on Human ExperimentsThe findings of the ACHRE is the authority on the matter. Here is the link to the complete 800 page text of their findings. They are the congressional investigation that wrote the official narrative for these events and they got all their information from sources like Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School and the National Bank of Omaha, a bank is behind the findings of a congressional investigation..Do i even have to say anything else? Banksters have always been on the sideline. This was a self-investigating committee that wrote the cover story whitewash job for his-story books. It is the 9-11 Commission Report for the Human Radiation Experiments.There are multiple parts here. Mushrooms/MK-Ultra, the secret military city, and radiation experiments. Oak Ridge was three separate things: a geographic location that was used as a toxic dump and home of the false flag Manhattan Project, a national network of facilities closely involved in the same thread of research which is injecting radioactive substances into victims just to see what happens and without telling them they were doing it, and 3 it was a facility in Canada that was part of the indigenous residential schools where they did human torture experiments as well especially the kind using psychoactive substances like LSD. Initially I went with the hospital in Canada as the connection between the fairy tale account of jeetered and the real tribute to the ‘new’ variety of cube in the free world, that was before i took a closer look and found other potentials. Jeeteres lies about his childhood experiences growing up in the secret city, so i cancel that off also. That leaves door no. 3. I say jeets gfather was connected to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is a piece of psychological warfare waged on the population just like Shroomery fake gurus that push mind altering substances on a gullible population. Im not saying there are not important lessons to be learned from the mushroom, I am saying you will not find it through these people.There possibly is another answer, still to have made its appearance. It was over a year since the spore print came in the mail and i came across the canadian facility. Then I didnt find out about the secret city and the HRE until I looked up close. The option is always there that something else will come along and fit even better. For example, it seems there is a trend in naming bad shit Oak Ridge, every thing I find with that name attached has been flagged what is the original source? I mean, where did the first O.R. come from and how did the renaming as a tribute start? I guess we’ll find out soon huh? All I know for sure is those spooks at the Shroomery sitting around having a circle jerk did not find this natural growing in a superfund tam-bruh secret mil intel city nuclear reactor. Thats really what they think you will believe. Maybe if you eat enough of their mushrooms you will believe it, thats exactly why they give them away for free!

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