Ban Hua Thanon cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Ban Hua Thanon Magic Mushroom
Ban Hua Thanon: BackgroundBan Hua Thanon magic mushrooms are a species discovered by John Allen on Ban Hua Thanon Island which lies off the coast of Vietnam, it is considered easy to cultivate due to its resistance to higher temperatures. Effects are also similar to the Ban Thurian strain, fast acting, but mild effects with vivid visuals and deep inner awareness, and a lighter body load than other cubensis strains. Mycotopia offers a deep dive into the origin story of the strain.Typically producing small but dense patches of fruiting bodies, caps are rounded and yellowish in colour and stems are slender yet mostly cylindrical. Like the Ban Thurian strain, it is a heavy spore depositor, however it’s mycelium colonizes at a more moderate speed. It grows scattered to gregarious in rice paddies, fruiting from early July to late AugustCharacteristics of the Thai Ban Huan magic mushrooms– Cultivation difficulty: Easy– Potency: Moderate to potent– Fruiting time: 14 – 21 days– Fruiting temperature: 23 – 26 CelsiusIf you are looking to get up to speed on magic mushrooms, these articles on Frshminds will get you there in no time:Understanding and Measuring Magic Mushroom PotencyThe Taxonomy of Magic MushroomsMagic Mushroom Species vs. StrainPsilocybin Mushroom Anatomy 101Psilocybin Mushroom Species GuideBan Hua Thanon: HabitatFirst picked in soil containing mixtures of sand and clay west of the village of Ban Hua Thanon, in Koh Samui. Ban Hua Thanon Magic Mushrooms are also now known to grow in both Ranong Province in Thailand and Angkor Wat in Siem Riap, Kampuchea.Ban Hua Thanon: Taxonomy/NamingGeneraPsilocybeSpecies NameCubensisSub SpeciesBan Hua Thanon, Psilocybe samuiensisCommon NameBan Hua Thanon: Physical DescriptionPileasCaps are rounded and yellowish in colour.GillsSpore PrintSporesStipeStems are slender yet mostly cylindrical.

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