Nepal Chitwan cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushroom
Psilocybe Cubensis, Nepal Chitwan (Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms) is a very rare and old strain of shrooms. Babel, a mycologist, originally uncovered this shrooms strain in the Chitwan jungle of Nepal. It grew in a shaded area amongst tall grasses. These tiny brown shrooms were discovered in what was reported as rhino or elephant dung. This Far East cubensis is a proof that the bald headed mushrooms are spread worldwide. In the Chitwan region in Nepal, these medium sized fleshy mushrooms are rather easy to find when the leafs fall in autumn. To mimic the same conditions in your “home laboratory”, the best substrate used is sterilized compost. In despite of this, the Nepal cubensis is also friendly to other types of nutrient bases. This ancient mushroom from the jungles of the far east has medium potency and is good for beginners and veterans alike. Our staff report that the Nepal Chitwan strain induced deep feelings of shamanic wonder. Some reported intense visuals when eyes were closed and overall feeling oneness with the natural world.

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