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Texas Ghost Magic Mushroom
Texas is home to a huge number of magic mushroom strains, as the cyclical humidity and temperatures make for great growing conditions, not to mention vast amounts of cow dung scattered across the state. It’s unclear exactly where the Texas strain was collected from or by whom — but there are now several offshoots of the original genetics for this sample — including Texas Penis Envy and Texas Redcaps. In this ultimate guide to the Texas shroom strain, we’ll discuss what we know about the Strain’s history, how potent it is, where to buy spores, and more.What Are Texas Shrooms?The Texas strain refers to a specific variety of shrooms circulating the market — but there are many different varieties that come from this state. This adds some confusion as to what the true Texas strain actually is. The general consensus is that the true Texas strain produces small but dense mushrooms. There is very little water content in these mushrooms which means that when it comes time to dry them out, they become rock hard and don’t change much in size. Texas Shroom Specs:Potency PotentCultivation IntermediateSpecies Psilocybe cubensisSubstrate Recommendation Rye Grain or Brown Rice FlourCost $$Sold By Ralphsters Spores, Spores 101, Premium Spores, Free SporesStrains vs. Species: What’s The Difference?Magic mushroom enthusiasts use the term “strain” to differentiate between mushrooms within a species that present unique traits. These traits can include physical characteristics or psilocybin and psilocin content.The term “species” refers to a group of genetically-related organisms that can reproduce. Two samples of separate species cannot reproduce. It might help to think of cannabis to understand the strain terminology, as there are hundreds of weed strains, but they all are genetically identical and belong to the genus and species Cannabis sativa.Similarly, there are over 100 individual species of psychedelic fungi, but the vast majority of mushroom “strains” refer to sub-varieties of the Psilocybe cubensis family. Texas Shrooms Potency & Psilocybin ContentThere are no reliable analytical reports covering the potency of the Texas strain. Normally we turn to academic studies conducting lab testing on mushroom samples or competitions such as the Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup to assess the quantitative potency of various strains.With that said, we estimate the tryptamine content (psilocybin and psilocin combined) to be between 0.8% and 1.2% based on the qualitative effects of using this mushroom. It’s notoriously potent, with most users claiming the Texas strain to be some of the strongest mushrooms they’ve ever tried. Very likely, this is the result of their increased density compared to other mushrooms. One single shroom may weigh up to 60% more than another mushroom of the same size. More density means more active ingredients.Texas Shroom Variations & Genetic RelativesThere are several variations of the Texas strain available, which is surprising, given that it isn’t super popular. There are also some (theorized) genetic relatives to the Texas strain, including Penis Envy #6 (mix between Penis Envy & Texas), as well as the Texas Yellow Cap strain and Texas Orange Cap strain. Where to Buy The Texas Strain SporesIf you live in the United States, you’ll have a few options for picking up these genetics. Ralphster’s Spores is one of the best vendors that currently carry it. You can also check out Spores 101, Premium Spores, and Free Spores.Residents of Canada can buy Texas shroom spores from Spores 101.Unfortunately, those living in Europe might not be able to get their hands on this Strain easily. You can check The Magic Mushroom Shop, Viking Spores, or Kosmic Kitchen, although none of these vendors carry these genetics at the time of writing.Related: How & Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores (Legally).How to Grow Texas ShroomsTexas shrooms colonize at about an average pace, so you need to be extra careful not to contaminate your substrate during inoculation. This Strain isn’t particularly resilient when it comes to mold and disease. You also need to take care to minimize light in your fruiting chamber, as too much will cause pin aborts. The Texas strain is also known to fruit in minimal-light conditions and even in no-light conditions.It’s also worth noting that this Strain produces small fruiting bodies, but they’re super dense. Don’t get discouraged when you go to harvest, as the shrooms will barely shrink as they dehydrate, and they’ll end up looking larger than most.You can read our complete guide on magic mushroom cultivation for more information on the specifics of growing Texas shrooms.Similar StrainsSince the Texas strain isn’t all that popular, you might find some difficulty finding the original genetics. If that’s the case, or if you enjoy growing or consuming Texas shrooms and want something similar, the below strains are good alternatives.1. Penis Envy #6Penis Envy #6 is a hybridization of the Texas strain mixed with the Penis Envy strain. Since the latter is known for an extremely high potency — often clocking in well at nearly double the average of other cubes — this variation is also a heavy hitter. This is also a faster colonizer than the traditional Penis Envy strain, making it an easier one to cultivate.2. F+ StrainAlthough not a variation, many people believe that the F+ Strain is related to the Texas Strain. It hails from Florida, but the shrooms are small and dense like those of the Texas variety. Both strains also don’t do well with light when fruiting. It’s quite possible that these strains share a common ancestor growing somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.3. MenaceThe Menace strain comes from Houston, Texas, so it’s likely that it is closely related to the Texas strain. Named after Shroomery user P.Menace, who discovered it. Menace has a high potency like the Texas strain, although it’s a bit easier to cultivate since it’s less sensitive to light during fruiting.4. Acadian Coast ShroomsThe Acadian Coast strain has a nebulous history, but it’s commonly believed to have been harvested on the coast of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. In addition to its relative proximity to the Texas strain’s origin, this is another strain that provides some difficulty for cultivators, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for a challenge.5. Penis EnvySince Texas shrooms have an above-average potency, those who enjoy consuming them will likely also find the intensity of the Penis Envy strain desirable. This is far and away the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strain, making it one step up from the Texas strain.6. FatassThe Fatass strain is best known for — and named after — the short, bulky fruiting bodies it produces. They’re super dense, which means they won’t shrink much after drying, much like Texas shrooms. Be prepared for a challenge when cultivating these, which is another characteristic they share with the Texas strain.7. Tidal WaveFor potency seekers who enjoy the intensity of Texas shrooms, the Tidal Wave strain will be a great alternative. This Strain is a cross between Penis Envy and the B+ Strain. It provides a similar challenge to Texas shrooms when it comes to cultivation, and it has a similar potency.Final Thoughts: Texas ShroomsAbout everything that is known about Texas shrooms is said right in the name: the Strain was originally collected somewhere in Texas. Despite its lack of recorded history, there are several variations of this Strain — including a strain with yellow caps and one with orange caps — and it’s well known in the magic mushroom community for its above-average potency.If you’re interested in cultivating Texas shrooms, be prepared for a bit of a challenge. It doesn’t colonize very quickly, and it’s super sensitive to light. Some good alternative strains for growers and users include the Acadian Coast, Penis Envy, Fatass, and Tidal Wave strains.

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