La Primavera cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

La Primavera Magic Mushroom
ok so i noticed on both first and 2nd flushes that the LA primavera is slow growing and pops up nicely but slow down and halts for a day then continuesit looks slow and like nothing for a day then pops again , some grow till they hit lid as if there was no problem at allsame on 1st and 2nd flush and just wondering if anyone has noticed this also on the strain of ” La Primavera ” .??? ????????????some look good tho so i know its growing good but something weird about their growth pattern#2 question- P. cube- LA Primavera: post #2Guest_valleyofmushies_*GuestPosted 11 May 2010 – 10:11 PMbump#3 question- P. cube- LA Primavera: post #3empirefireFungusAmongusFree Member506 postsPosted 11 May 2010 – 10:35 PMThat’s awesome you’ve experienced maybe a phenomenon of that strain or it could be your growing parameters. It could be that you love this hobby so much that maybe you’re becoming “in tune” with it so that you notice even the most subtlest of things. I think it’s great how people do this and are totally happy just being “in tune” with nature and there are hateful people out there who want to label people who choose to do any drug as criminals who are just about as violent as the colors on the back of a butterfly… I just wanted to say thanks to this forum and people like you this world one day will be a better place!just spreading the love man! Peace.empire#4 question- P. cube- LA Primavera: post #4Guest_valleyofmushies_*GuestPosted 12 May 2010 – 10:30 AMhell yeah brother.but yeah its just my first time using this strain and i didn’t really know anything about it.i can say i think i can get 4 to 5 flushes from it tho already after feeling the weight still left behind after the 2nd flush. that sub is still hard as a rock,not soft like other strains and their sub, feeling weak after 2nd flush, i can usually snatch a sub out the tub till its 3rd flush, trying then to remove the sub to get all those lil guys off , then it breaks around the 3rd flushes, but this LA primavera is hard,and picking the fruits is hard they are anchored in there or something , usually the root mass of myc that grew the stem ,comes out with the stem , taking away top layer and weight , but this strain unlike my amazons,GT,chilean,…is just barely loosing weight after is flushes, small flushes too tho with some big uns ,, i can see why a lil.i have not tested this strain in SWIM body either so i can’t wait 🙂 i got one thats equals one dose trying there first its like 3 grams dryi will post pics later of this strain flushes no pics of the halting period . this 3rd flush will get those pics tho , and a clone piece on agar to grow this strain again from this tissue to record the halting , 2 flushes and it did it ….third flushes start soon 🙂

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