PES Hawaiian cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushroom
PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: BackgroundPES Hawaiian magic mushrooms are species whose genetics were offered by the company Pacifica Exotica Spores. PES Hawaiian possesses physical properties similar to both southeast Asian strains and south American strains.Prized by cultivators for its abundant colonization, fruiting, and yield sizes, this species produces tall, slender stems (stipes), with golden caramel caps (pilei) that fade to a pale yellow towards the edges. This is regarded as a great species for beginner users, as it has moderate potency, with mild visuals, bodily sensations and euphoria .PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: HabitatPES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: Taxonomy/NamingGeneraPsilocybeSpecies NamecubensisSub SpeciesPES HawaiianCommon NamePES Hawaiian magic mushroomsPES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: Physical DescriptionPileasGolden caramel caps that fade to a pale yellow towards the edges.GillsSpore PrintSporesStipeTall, slender stipes.

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