Penis Envy Uncut cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Penis Envy Uncut Magic Mushroom
Penis Envy Uncut magic mushrooms, which is a varietal hybrid of the Penis Envy and PF Albino strains, is unique in that its veil, the velum (thin membrane) that covers the cap and stalk of an immature mushroom, does not open even late into its maturity. Caps are also noticeably darker than “normal” Penis Envy. They’re also said to be the strongest of all the Penis Envy species.Like other Penis Envy variants, the caps are underdeveloped, bell-shaped cap (pileus) often pale brown to tan in colouration with thick stems (stipes). Revered by cultivators for its resistance to contamination, and is noted as one of the most potent Penis Envy derivatives. Effects of Penis Envy Uncut include intense, spontaneous feelings of joy and vivid visual hallucinations

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