Penis Envy #6 cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Penis Envy #6 Magic Mushroom
DescriptionThis variety was created by the well-known mycologist “RogerRabbit” by breeding the original “Penis Envy” with a “Texas” Cubensis.The goal was to create a variety that retained characteristics of Penis Envy, but whose caps opened and dropped spores. “RogerRabbit” was still in the process of perfecting this variety when it was accidentally released. A print labeled “PE6” was unintentionally included with a group of other prints that were sent to a fellow mycologist.Though released before being finished in “RogerRabbit’s” eyes, PE6 is a great variety for research purposes and is known to produce very large caps ranging from dark to light brown. Its stems are thick and dense; much like the original Penis Envy.Penis Envy #6 is suitable for the intermediate spore researcher. An isolation of the famous Penis Envy by Roger Rabbit. This isolation has the distinct advantage of producing a much nicer spore print, but has a varied appearance. Not quite as phallic looking as it’s original strain, but effectively similar.*Note* Amidst a flurry of controversy, this strain is now being represented as a cross or hybrid strain between a Texas and PE strain. Since it does display some unique characteristics, we can only hope that Roger was successful in his efforts, so we will continue to stock this strain for your pleasure and entertainment.

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