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Bayou Magic Mushroom
Looking for the Strongest Magic Mushroom Strains Out There?Humans have always had a fascination for the “exceptionally different”: the strongest, the biggest, the longest, the heaviest, the weirdest, the best.At Micro Zoomers, we do our best to unravel the mysteries around psilocybian mushrooms. Since we’ve noticed many are curious to know about the most potent magic mushroom species out there, we’ve assembled a list for you guys. The list includes magic mushrooms growing naturally worldwide, rare strains, and engineered cubensis hybrid shrooms.Psilocybe azurescens, the “Flying Saucer” Psilocybe.Psilocybe azurescens or “Flying Saucer” is considered to be the strongest, naturally growing magic mushroom of the world. Loyal to the wild, it is one of those species that is rarely cultivated indoor. It is a small, cold-weather-resistant magic mushroom that grows on the Northern Oregon coastline in the USA, where it is particularly prolific around the Columbia River delta.Also found in the city of Astoria, where it grows profusely, it also goes by “Astoriensis” or “Azzies”, “Blue Runners”, “Blue Angels”, or “Indigo Psilocybes” . It is said to be one of the most bluish bruising Psilocybes, which is a sign of psilocybin presence.A wild specimen of Psilocybe azurescensA wild specimen of Psilocybe azurescens.Besides being the most potent magic mushroom growing naturally, Psilocybe azurescens is also one of the enigmatic wood-loving species known to cause the infamous “wood lover paralysis” (WLP), a phenomenon described as a partial body paralysis.The Psilocybe azurescens voyage effects are clearly ones that demand the right mindset and setting, and even at low dose, are probably not recommended to beginner psychonauts or anyone not aware the Flying Saucer is not a ride to take lightly.Like other extremely strong species, P. azurescens may be an effective candidate for microdosing; its ungraspable super-powers probably need to be tasted in order to better understand the right dosage.Panaeolus cyanescens aka the Blue Meanie.Panaeolus cyanescens “Blue Meanie” also called “Pan Cyan” or “Goliath”, is a tall subtropical magic mushroom species that grows from dung in pastures and fields. Its dung-loving nature has made it spread worldwide through livestock: from Hawaii to Mississippi, to Belize, to Borneo, to France, to India, to Puerto Rico, to Madagascar, the Blue Meanie clearly grows in both hemispheres and is responsible for bringing a lot of laughter to many cultures around the world.The Samoans, Indonesians and Hawaiians, who all share ancient history with the Blue Meanie, would call it the “perfect alchemist” that “transforms dung into gold, into the golden light of enlightenment”.Other endearing names such as Faleaitu (Samoan,“comedy house”), Pulouaitu (Samoan, “spirit hat”), Taepovi(Samoan, “cow patty”) and Ambur/Jamur (Indonesian, “golden mold”) clearly echo a special relationship of priceless euphoria.With no doubt, the Blue Meanie is a “laughter maker”, and its special bond with humans from around the world beautifully translates the sacredness and liberating therapeutical benefits of laughter and altered states of consciousness.A dried cap of the Blue Meanie showing gills.A stemless dried cap of a Blue Meanie specimen showing gills.Magic mushrooms are more than a recreational drug, they are a cultural practice. To note, because Pan. cyanescens and Psilocybe cyanescens share a similar abbreviation, they often get mistaken; the wavy caps of the latter and the off-white cap of the former can help one differentiate them easily.With usually higher levels of psilocin than psilocybin, Pan Cyan is described as a quick and powerful come-up with long lasting intense visuals and an intense body trip. At high doses, Pan Cyan has been rumored to result in loss of muscle controlBecause of its impeccable reputation in regard to laughter, it may be safe to say that microdosing the Blue Meanie could help uplift ones mood and bring that extra hue to the ordinary work day.Psilocybe semilanceata, the Liberty Cap.Psilocybe semilanceata also known as “Liberty Cap” is one of the most potent grassland magic mushroom species growing naturally. Very prolific in Europe and in the Pacific Northwest, its epithet “semilanceata” means “half spear” and refers to the shape of its cap which resembles a Phrygian-hat. It was the first psilocybin-containing mushroom identified from Europe and one of the oldest acknowledged psychoactive strains out there.Like Psilocybe tampanensis, Psilocybe mexicana, P. mammillata, and Conocybe cyanopus. the Liberty Cap forms a sclerotia, a dormant form of the fungus in which is retained nutrients and often, psilocin and psilocybin. Sclerotia, also commonly called ‘Philosopher’s Stones’ or ‘Truffles’, can also be consumed for their entheogenic properties.Liberty Caps in the wildFresh specimens of Psilocybes semilanceata growing in grassland.Psilocybe semilanceata specimen once revealed an exceptionally high psilocybin level of 2.37%.This is also how we know that Psilocybe semilanceata has relatively high levels of baeocystin, another neurotropic alkaloid present in magic mushrooms.Psilocybe semilanceata is therefore that “been there forever” and “part of the folklore” wild magic mushroom species. Even if it is known to have an “over the top” potency, it is one of the trusted strains that has a worldwide popularity for both, effective microdosing or spiritual awakenings.The Argentina cubensis Strain.The Argentina cubensis Strain is an extremely potent magic mushroom originally indigenous to the spectacular rainforest mountains of Argentina. This fierce cloud forest magic mushroom is believed to be a hybrid descendant of Psilocybe collybioides, a species growing in the montane area of Tafí del Valle. It is believed the native people living in this remote area for over 7,000 years knew the powers of the Psilocybes.The Argentinina cubensis Strain has the reputation of fostering a psilocybin experience as magical as the mountainous forest it comes from: dense and mystical, peacefully contemplative, with a sense of unity and connection to the surroundings. Many consumers report a “deep sense of healing”.Cultivators of the Argentina cubensis Strain particularly noticed its endless capacity to generously flush, some reporting up to 10 consecutive flushes.While it may be of a smaller size than other rainforest cubensis, its productivity and ease of cultivation make it a great candidate for beginner mushroom growers.The Amazon Strain.Dried specimen of Amazonian strainThe Amazon Strain or PESA, is a gargantuesque looking and extremely potent magic mushroom originating from the heart of Amazon forest.Originally emerging from the humid jungle grounds of the Amazonian rainforest, the Amazon Strain is a “greater than life” Psilocybe cubensis and one to ingest with patience and awareness, intention and commitment.The Native tribes consumed it for its healing potential and transformative properties; it is definitely one of those mushrooms that shifts reality with even just a few nibbles, so be ready for a colourful and texturized version of whatever surrounds you. One anecdotal report speaks of “light anemones swimming “, “twirling skies”, and “fractal clouds”.After years of laboratory manipulations, the densely psilocybin-packed Amazon Strain remains the symbol of the heart of the jungle, so open up your soul and let the forest in.In the magic mushroom world, it is no secret that hybrids are often extremely potent, a factor probably relatable to the in-vitro bubble, which protects them from all types of damages, usually accountable to the outdoors.Psilocybe samuiensis, Psilocybe samuiensis is the famous “Thai” magic mushroom documented by ethnomycologist Potential fresh specimens Psilocybe samuiensis growing in substrateJohn W. Allen back in 1991. It was found growing in rice paddy fields near the Muslim village of Ban Hua Thanon, on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.Psilocybe samuiensis was the first bluing Psilocybe recorded from Thailand, and just one of the many psilocybian discoveries from “Mushroom John”. It has the reputation of being an energetic strain appreciated for either a good time on the dancefloor with friends or for a more introspective voyage.Psilocybe samuiensis’s potency and vibrant effects make it a good candidate for effective microdosing.Its energetic, euphoric and visual nature make it a good partner for those trying to boost their energy level or add colour and creativity to their everyday routine.

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