AA+ Leucistic Cubensis cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

AA+ Leucistic Cubensis Magic Mushroom
AA+ Leucistic cubensis is a unique cubensis strain brought to us by our friends in Spain. The common magic mushroom name, “gold caps”, does not always apply with cubensis. Believe it or not, a deeply gold-capped cubensis can turn white! When the mushrooms flesh pigment is lost, the spores do not always follow suit. When the flesh turns pale, but the spores stay colored, we call this a leucistic strain. If both the flesh and spores lose pigment, it is defined as a true albino. We offer many true albino strains such as Albino Penis Envy, also known as APE. Leucistic strains are an eye catcher to researchers, and our friends in the Netherlands tell us they are one of the most popular sellers on the market. This is a great strain for beginners and experts alike. The spores are a deep purple with the occasional hint of rust color. The AA+ Albino Cubensis mushroom truly deserves more attention. In our humble opinion we think it’s one of the most beautiful cubensis we’ve ever. And WOW…what beautiful white colored mushrooms this strain produces. Although not a true albino genetically speaking, who cares, they are gorgeous white mushrooms and the albino’s name for this cubensis has stuck. Other than true albino’s, which are rare in nature, this strain of cubensis produces white mushrooms time after time, no other cubensis does this!

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