Rusty Whyte Magic Mushroom



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(1) 12cc Spore Syringe of Rusty Whyte Magic Mushroom

(1) Mylar bag for long term storage
(2) Alcohol Pads
(1) 18 gauge Needle
24K Gold Infusion


Rusty Whyte Magic Mushroom, Psilocybe Cubensis, also known as Rusty Whyte or Rusty White, is a type of Albino magic mushroom that is distinguished by its white appearance and rusty red spores. On the Shroomery, a Canadian amateur mycologist named RustyWhyte produced the strain. It took a few years for the strain to manifest, but the community welcomed it with open arms. As previously said, Rusty White mushrooms have a white look and are often tiny to medium sized fruits. Its spores have a rusty red color to them. Rusty White mushrooms are well-known for their euphoric properties and high potency. For many psychonauts, this makes it a popular strain. This strain is great for both introspective thinking and social gatherings. It’s also a proudly Canadian product.


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Potency Very Potent
Cultivation  Easy
Species Psilocybe cubensis


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Weight 1 oz
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