Isaria Tenuipes Gourmet Mushroom Culture


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(1) Sterile 12 ml syringe with locking cap, filled with fresh Isaria Tenuipes Gourmet Mushroom  mycelium. 

(1) Mylar syringe sleeve for long-term storage.

(2) Alcohol pads.

(1) 16-gauge needle.

(1) Cold / Warm Weather insert (depending on shipping location and time of year)

(1) Free 20-gram sample pack of my mushroom nutrient broth premix.

A $15 value, make 1 liter of your own lab-quality mushroom liquid culture.


Isaria Tenuipes
Isaria Tenuipes
Isaria Tenuipes Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe
Isaria Tenuipes Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe

Isaria is a genus of fungi mostly in the order Hypocreales and family Clavicipitaceae, or by some authorities the Cordycipitaceae. It includes a large number of entomopathogenic species, some of them exploited as biopesticides (e.g. I. fumosorosea): often previously assigned to the genus Paecilomyces.

The teleomorph of this genus appears to be Ophiocordyceps.[2]

Moth infected with Isaria farinosa.
Isaria abietina Höhn. 1909
Isaria abutii Lloyd 1923
Isaria acaricida Pat.
Isaria acervata Massee 1901
Isaria acicularis Pat. 1897
Isaria acuta Preuss
Isaria agaricina Pers. 1797
Isaria agaricina var. agaricina Pers. 1797
Isaria agaricina var. petiolaris Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Isaria aggregata Cooke & Massee 1890
Isaria alba J. F. H. Beyma 1928
Isaria albida (Fr.) Sacc.
Isaria albiziae Pat.
Isaria alborosea Penz. & Sacc. 1904
Isaria ambigua P. Karst.
Isaria americana P. Karst.
Isaria amoene-rosea Henn. 1902
Isaria amorpha Höhn. 1909
Isaria anisopliae (Metschn.) R. H. Pettit 1895
Isaria anisopliae var. americana R.H. Pettit 1895
Isaria anisopliae var. anisopliae (Metschn.) R.H. Pettit 1895
Isaria arachnicida Speg. 1898
Isaria arachnophila Ditmar 1817
Isaria aranearum Schwein. 1822
Isaria araneosa Speg. 1910
Isaria arborea Pat.
Isaria arbuscula Bres. & Roum. or Har. 1893
Isaria arcyrioides Berk. & Broome 1875
Isaria argentina Speg. 1898
Isaria asamaensis Aoki 1957
Isaria aspergilliformis Rostr.
Isaria atypicola Yasuda 1915
Isaria aurantiaca Berk. & Broome 1875
Isaria aviaria Sacc.
Isaria barberi Giard 1894
Isaria basili (Taylor) Kobayasi 1941
Isaria bialowieziensis Koval 1977
Isaria bicolor Schwein. 1832
Isaria brachiata (Batsch) Schumach. 1803
Isaria brevis Berk. & M.A. Curtis 1874
Isaria briardii (Vuill.) Sacc. & D. Sacc.
Isaria bulbosa Nees 1816
Isaria buntingii Lloyd 1916
Isaria buquetii (Mont. & C. P. Robin) Lloyd 1922
Isaria byssoidea Pers.
Isaria calva (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. 1832
Isaria candida Schwein. 1832
Isaria capitata Ellis & Everh. 1898
Isaria carnea Pers. 1796 or Schwein.
Isaria cateniannulata (Z.Q. Liang) Samson & Hywel-Jones 2005
Isaria cateniobliqua (Z.Q. Liang) Samson & Hywel-Jones 2005
Isaria ceratoides Speg. 1880
Isaria chrysopoda Bres. 1900
Isaria cicadae Miq. 1838
Isaria cinnabarina Preuss
Isaria citrina Pers. 1801
Isaria citrinula Speg. 1910
Isaria cladogena Sacc.
Isaria clavata Ditmar 1817
Isaria clonostachoides F. J. Pritch. & Porte 1922
Isaria cocoa Lloyd 1920
Isaria coleopterorum (Samson & H.C. Evans) Samson & Hywel-Jones 2005
Isaria congesta Berk. & M.A. Curtis 1874 or Berk. & Broome 1875
Isaria congregata Berk. & Broome 1875
Isaria corallina Fr.
Isaria coralloidea Kalchbr. & Cooke 1880
Isaria cornea Lloyd 1919
Isaria cosmopsaltriae Yasuda 1918
Isaria crassa Pers. 1797
Isaria cretacea J. F. H. Beyma 1935
Isaria crinita Lloyd 1920
Isaria cryptotympanae Sawada 1959
Isaria cuneispora Boud. 1887
Isaria dedawensis Henn.
Isaria dendroidea Jungh. 1838
Isaria densa (Link) Giard 1891
Isaria destructor Metschn.
Isaria dubia Delacr. 1893
Isaria dussii Pat. 1900
Isaria edessicola Speg. 1910
Isaria edwalliana Henn. 1904
Isaria elata (Kalchbr.) Sacc. & Traverso 1910
Isaria elegans Beeli 1924
Isaria elegantula Syd. 1909
Isaria eleutheratorum Nees 1816
Isaria empetri Lind 1928
Isaria epiphylla Pers. 1797
Isaria epiphylla var. acuta Tassi
Isaria epiphylla var. epiphylla Pers. 1797
Isaria epiphylla var. fasciculata Sommerf.
Isaria episphaeria Desm. 1843
Isaria erastalidis Yasuda
Isaria eriopoda Syd. 1912
Isaria eristalidis Yasuda 1921
Isaria exigua (Brond.) Sacc. 1892
Isaria exoleta Fr. 1832
Isaria farinosa (Holmsk.) Fr. 1832
Isaria farinosa f. crassa (Pers.) Fr. 1832
Isaria farinosa f. farinosa (Holmsk.) Fr. 1832
Isaria farinosa f. truncata (Pers.) Fr. 1832
Isaria farinosa f. velutipes (Link) Fr. 1832
Isaria farinosa var. citriformis Kobayasi 1941
Isaria farinosa var. farinosa (Holmsk.) Fr. 1832
Isaria fasciculata Sommerf. 1826
Isaria felina (DC.) Fr. 1832
Isaria felina var. aviaria Sacc. 1882
Isaria felina var. cuniculina Ferraris 1910
Isaria felina var. domestica Speg. 1912
Isaria felina var. felina (DC.) Fr. 1832
Isaria felina var. pirina Ellis & Marchal
Isaria felina var. pirina Marchal & É.J. Marchal 1921
Isaria felina var. suina Sacc. 1882
Isaria filamentosa Sacc. 1886
Isaria filiformis Wallr. 1833
Isaria filiformis var. cladogena Sacc. 1886
Isaria filiformis var. filiformis Wallr. 1833
Isaria fimicola Sternon 1923
Isaria flabelliformis (Schwein.) Lloyd 1916
Isaria flavoviridis Rick 1922
Isaria floccosa Berk. & Broome or Fr. 1829
Isaria friesii Mont. 1836
Isaria froggattii Lloyd 1922
Isaria fruticosa Demelius 1923
Isaria fuciformis Berk. 1872
Isaria fulvipes Peck 1879
Isaria fumosorosea Wize 1904
Isaria funicularis Wallr.
Isaria furcata Schwein. 1832
Isaria furcellata G. Martin
Isaria fusca J. N. Kapoor & Munjal 1967
Isaria geophila Speg. 1898
Isaria ghanensis (Samson & H.C. Evans) Samson & Hywel-Jones 2005
Isaria gigantea Mont. 1856
Isaria glauca Ditmar 1817
Isaria glauca var. americana P. Karst.
Isaria glauca var. glauca Ditmar 1817
Isaria glaucocephala Link 1825
Isaria globosa Schwein. 1832
Isaria gossypina Pat.
Isaria gracilioides Kobayasi 1941
Isaria gracilis Speg. 1886
Isaria gracilis Vosseler 1902
Isaria graminiperda Berk. & F. Muell. 1873
Isaria graminiperda var. fuciformis (Berk.) Cooke 1892
Isaria graminiperda var. graminiperda Berk. & F. Muell. 1873
Isaria grassa Pers.
Isaria guignardii Maheu 1906
Isaria guignardii f. guignardii Maheu 1906
Isaria guignardii f. major Martinez{?} & Guinea 1931
Isaria hariotii Arnaud 1915
Isaria holmbergii Speg. 1880
Isaria hydnoides Link 1825
Isaria hypoxyli Kalchbr. 1865
Isaria hystricina P. Karst.
Isaria intricata Fr. 1832
Isaria japonica Yasuda 1915
Isaria javanica (Frieder. & Bally) Samson & Hywel-Jones 2005
Isaria kogane Hasegawa & Koyama 1941
Isaria kunitatiensis Kobayasi 1941
Isaria lanuginosa Petch 1917
Isaria lecaniicola Jaap 1909
Isaria leprosa Fr. 1832
Isaria leprosa var. corralina (Fr.) Sacc. 1886
Isaria leprosa var. leprosa Fr. 1832
Isaria leprosa ß corralina Fr. 1832
Isaria locusticola Z.Q. Liang, X.Y. He & Y.F. Han 2008
Isaria lutea (Brond.) Sacc. 1892
Isaria macroscyticola Kobayasi 1941
Isaria melanopus Speg. 1889
Isaria meliolae Hansf. 1943
Isaria micromegala Berl. 1887
Isaria micromegala var. micromegala Berl. 1887
Isaria micromegala var. ulmicola Cif. 1922
Isaria microscopica Grev. 1823
Isaria mitruliformis Henn. 1906
Isaria mokanshawii Lloyd 1919
Isaria monilioides Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Isaria moriokaensis Aoki 1957
Isaria mucida Pers. 1794 or Schumach. 1803
Isaria murina Oudem. 1892
Isaria musasiensis Aoki 1942
Isaria muscigena Cooke & Müll. {?}
Isaria mycelioides Lloyd 1923
Isaria myrmicidae Lloyd 1920
Isaria nigra Yakush. & Kumaz. 1930
Isaria nigripes Schwein. 1832
Isaria nipponica Kobayasi 1939
Isaria ochracea Boud. 1903
Isaria odora Raf. 1813
Isaria oncopterae McAlpine
Isaria oncotympanae Kobayasi 1939
Isaria orthopterorum Petch 1933
Isaria ovi Teng 1932
Isaria pachylomerica Kawam. 1927
Isaria palmae F. Stevens & C. J. King 1927
Isaria palmatifida Henn. 1902
Isaria patrobus Lloyd 1924
Isaria pattersonii Massee 1912
Isaria peckoltii Lloyd 1919
Isaria penicilliformis Peck 1898
Isaria perexigua Kobayasi 1941
Isaria perpusilla Speg. 1922
Isaria phalangiophila Link 1825
Isaria pistillariiformis Pat.
Isaria plumosa Cooke
Isaria psychidae A. Evans
Isaria puberula Berk. 1841
Isaria pulcherrima Berk. & Broome 1875
Isaria radians Berk.
Isaria radiata Berk. & M. A. Curtis 1874
Isaria ramosissima Zoll.
Isaria repens Cooke
Isaria rhodosperma Bres.
Isaria rosea (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Sacc.
Isaria saccharina Pers. 1801
Isaria saussurei Cooke 1892
Isaria schweinitzii Sacc.
Isaria shiotae Kuru 1932
Isaria sinclairii (Berk.) Lloyd 1923
Isaria smilanensis Wize 1904
Isaria sphaerocephala Petch 1942
Isaria sphecophila Ditmar 1817
Isaria sphingophila Link 1824
Isaria sphingum Schwein. 1822
Isaria spiculosa Wallr.
Isaria splendens Rabenh. 1844
Isaria spumarioides Cooke
Isaria stellata Cooke
Isaria stemonitis Pers. 1797
Isaria stenobothri Hollande & Moreau 1922
Isaria stenocori (Quél.) Kobayasi 1982
Isaria stilbiformis Speg. 1879
Isaria straminipes Ellis & Everh. 1888
Isaria strigosa Fr. 1832
Isaria subsimplex Schumach. 1803
Isaria suffruticosa Cooke & Massee 1890
Isaria suina Sacc.
Isaria sulfurea Fiedl. 1859 : Isaria sulphurea is an Orthographic variant
Isaria sulfurea var. ossicola Speg. 1912
Isaria sulfurea var. sulfurea Fiedl. 1859
Isaria sulphurea var. sulphurea Fiedl. 1859 (legitimate)[4]
Isaria surinamensis Vosseler 1902
Isaria takamizusanensis Kobayasi 1941
Isaria tartarea Wallr.
Isaria tax Kumar D, Roy CS, Khan ZR, Yazdani, Hameed, Mahmood M. 1983
Isaria tenella (Sacc.) Giard 1891
Isaria tenuipes Peck 1879
Isaria tenuis F. Heim 1893
Isaria terrestris Fr. 1825
Isaria thelephoroides Bres. 1911
Isaria thyrosoidea Penz. & Sacc. 1904
Isaria tinearum Speg. 1898
Isaria tomentella Fr. 1832
Isaria tremellosa Schumach. 1803
Isaria truncata Pers. 1801 or Briard
Isaria truncata var. damaecornu Pers. 1822
Isaria truncata var. truncata Pers. 1801
Isaria umbrina Pers. 1801
Isaria umbrina var. parasitica Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Isaria umbrina var. umbrina Pers. 1801
Isaria valsicola Kirschst. 1939
Isaria vassiljevae Koval 1967
Isaria velutipes Link 1809
Isaria verticillata G. F. Atk.
Isaria vexans R.H. Pettit 1895
Isaria virescens Elenkin & A.L. Danilov 1922
Isaria virginiensis Ellis & Everh. 1893
Isaria xylariiformis Lloyd 1923
Isaria yokohamensis Kobayasi 1941

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