Black Truffle – Tuber Melanosporum Gourmet Mushroom



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(1) Free 20-gram sample pack of my mushroom nutrient broth premix.

A $15 value, make 1 liter of your own lab-quality mushroom liquid culture.


Black Truffle – Tuber Melanosporum Liquid Culture Syringe cc culture syringe.

Black Truffle Tuber Melanosporum
Black Truffle Tuber Melanosporum

What Is a Truffle? Truffles are the edible spores that grow on an underground fungus in the family Tuberaceae. They’re often confused with mushrooms, but they’re technically not the same species — mushrooms grow above ground, while truffles grow underneath the surface. Considered a gourmet delicacy by many in the culinary world, truffles are extremely hard to source and lose their potency quickly once they’ve been harvested. These factors make them one of the most expensive foods in the world. Depending on the variety (Italian white truffles are generally the priciest), they can sell for as much as $4,000 a pound. Truffles, which are now cultivated and harvested worldwide, grow around tree roots in damp areas. Female pigs were traditionally used to hunt for truffles for two reasons: They have a refined sense of smell and truffles contain androstanol; a hormone found in the saliva of male pigs. Dogs are typically used to find truffles these days. Canines, once trained, are less likely than pigs to eat the truffles once they sniff them out. What Is Truffle Oil? Truffle oil is truffle-infused olive oil. Since it’s shelf-stable and slightly less expensive than fresh truffles, it’s a simple way to add expensive flair to homemade food. If you’ve ever ordered a truffle dish at a restaurant (truffle fries, for instance) and you don’t see shavings or pieces, it was likely made with truffle oil. Some truffle oil is made with real black or white truffles, but modern truffle oil is often made with synthetic ingredients. An aromatic additive called 2,4-dithiapentane is found in many commercial oils. What Is Truffle Butter? Truffle butter is simply butter mixed with truffle oil or truffle pieces. This luxurious compound butter — which can be bought at gourmet stores or made at home — is super creamy, spreadable and infused with truffle flavor. You can use truffle butter just like you’d use regular butter: Try it in savory appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and more. However, since it’s much more costly than regular butter, you might want to save it for special occasions. What Does a Truffle Taste Like? In a word, complex. They have an earthy, musky, umami-rich flavor that’s subtly floral. Of course, how a truffle tastes depends on the variety. Black Truffle vs. White Truffle There are more than 200 truffle varieties that vary in flavor, price, and usage. Most truffles fall into one of two categories: black truffles and white truffles. Black Truffles Black truffles are generally less expensive than their white counterparts, so they’re more attainable for the average home cook. Though they’re less aromatic, their flavor stands up better to heat — so they’re often used in sauces, compound butters, risottos, and more. Some of the most popular black truffle varieties are found in the Périgord region in France. White Truffles White truffles, which are native to northern Italy, are truly a delicacy. They have a more pungent, aromatic flavor. Since they’re so rare and their flavor is so intense, white truffles are usually enjoyed raw and sparingly. You’ll often find them shaved over elegant dishes (such as pastas and risottos) or used as a garnish.

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