Fatass Magic Mushroom



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(1) 12cc Spore Syringe of Fatass Magic Mushroom

(1) Mylar bag for long term storage
(2) Alcohol Pads
(1) 18 gauge Needle
24K Gold Infusion


Fatass Magic Mushroom, Fatass is a term used by mushroom cultivators to describe shrooms that have a short but fat stem and a small cap size. As you can imagine, that’s exactly what this strain is most likely to produce. The short and fat nature of these shrooms means they can be very dense. You won’t see much size reduction when it comes to dry these shrooms, and they can be pretty potent.


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PotencyAbove Average
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis


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Weight1 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × 1 in