Blood Bracket – Trametes Sanguineus Gourmet Mushroom



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(1) Sterile 12 ml syringe with locking cap, filled with fresh Blood Bracket – Trametes Sanguineus Gourmet Mushroom  mycelium. 

(1) Mylar syringe sleeve for long-term storage.

(2) Alcohol pads.

(1) 16-gauge needle.

(1) Cold / Warm Weather insert (depending on shipping location and time of year)

(1) Free 20-gram sample pack of my mushroom nutrient broth premix.

A $15 value, make 1 liter of your own lab-quality mushroom liquid culture.


Blood Bracket – Trametes Sanguineus Gourmet Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe cc culture syringe.

blood red bracket
blood red bracket

Pycnoporus sanguineus – blood red bracket

Synonyms: Boletus ruber, Boletus sanguineus, Coriolus sanguineus, Fabisporus sanguineus, Microporus sanguineus, Polyporus sanguineus, Polystictus sanguineus, Trametes cinnabarina, Trametes sanguinea.

Common names: blood red bracket, Common Cinnabar Polypore.

Extract from Wikipedia articlePycnoporus sanguineus is a white rot saprobic fungus. It was discovered on Guana Island (part of the Virgin Islands) but occurs throughout the tropics, usually growing on dead hardwoods. It grows in the form of a thin dry conk with a lateral attachment to its substrate, is bright orange on all surfaces with concentric zonation, and the pores on the underside are minute. It is inedible due to its tough texture.

Chinese: 血紅密孔菌, Quechua: Yunka k’allampa.

Fruitbodies of the blood-red bracket (Pycnoporus sanguineus) erupt from decaying wood in a stellar display of bright reds, orange and yellow. They will only thrive in warm, damp locations and were first discovered on the Virgin Islands. Their brilliant caps can range in texture and consistency from cork-like to leathery. The red pigment produced by this species is made into a globally-used dye.

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