SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
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Bix Mex
Bix Mex
Bix Mex

This strain is an isolation of the Mexican Cubensis strain (one of the O.G. strains still available today).

There’s a lot of confusion around this strain, with many vendors calling it Psilocybe cubensis Mexicana — but there is an important distinction between this Mexican cubensis strain and Psilocybe Mexicana — which is another species of psychedelic mushrooms altogether.

Bix Mex is a genetic isolation of another Psilocybe cubensis strain collected in Mexico but does not share the same growth characteristics as Psilocybe Mexicana (which is a much smaller and spindlier mushroom).

The Bix Mex isolate produces characteristic flat caps with a light-colored ring around the edges. They’re very photogenic mushrooms but be careful not to wait too long — this strain is a heavy sporulator. Once the veils break, these mushrooms throw thick black mounds of spores all over the place in just a few short hours.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find Bix Mex mushrooms — but if you do, I highly recommend giving this strain a try.

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