B+ Magic Mushroom Strain

B+ Magic Mushroom Strain

B Magic Mushroom Strain
B Magic Mushroom Strain


PotencyAbove Average
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Sold ByRalphsters Spores, Sporeworks, & Sporeslab
B+ Magic Mushroom Strain

This is a classic strain invented by the legendary Mr. G, who claims it’s a hybrid between Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe azurescens (hotly debated). It’s unlikely these two species are able to produce viable offspring, but there are some features that appear to resemble aspects of both species — so it’s entirely possible.

Either way, B+ is an excellent strain for beginners because of how resistant it is to cool weather and contamination.

This strain is slower growing than most, but the increased defense against infection and unoptimized growing conditions is worth waiting a few extra days.

This strain is known for producing particularly large mushrooms.

The B+ strain was once awarded for being “The Shroomery’s most popular cube”.

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